30 June
01 Dhul Hijjah
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Tmrw Zohr
Tmrw Maghrib
Day after Fajr

The Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa (SIM)

The Shia Ithna’asheri Madressawww.madressa.net

The Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa was founded in 1985 and caters for the religious foundation of our children. The classes are held at the Islamic Centre every Sunday between 10.00am – 1.30pm, where the last 30 minutes are allocated to Salaat-ul-Jamaat for Teachers, Students & Parents.

SI Madressa has 4 main departments:

(1) Akhlaq – Morals & Ethics

(2) Fiqh – Islamic Rules & Regulations

(3) Tareekh – Islamic History


 i) Appreciation and Understanding of the Holy Quran

ii) Recitation.

We also cater for students with learning difficulties and children with disabilities and special needs. These activities fall under the Learning Support and Special Needs departments. If you know a child who can benefit from such classes, please email us on admin@madressa.net

Furthermore, the older students are accommodated for with classes that prepare them for the outside world, equip them with qualities of leadership, and train them as future teachers.

The students are provided with an extensive and a comprehensive syllabus, which has also been adopted by many other Madaris and organisations across the globe. Furthermore, the SI Madressa has branched out onto the Internet, giving students worldwide free access to the teaching material and manuals.

For further details and information about our activities, please visit www.madressa.net.

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